Winning slowly is the same as losing

Given the dire warnings from the latest IPCC assessment released August 2021, this article published by The Guardian on climate delay is even more timely. It argues we have passed the Rubicon of climate denial, now the enemy is climate delay. And beware of the reports that state the problems are too complex, too difficult to do anything, it is just another delaying tactic. Get behind Greta Thunberg and urge all our political decision-makers, the climate crisis is here and we must act now.

  1. Reduce all oil and gas subsidies and redirect to clean green technology.
  2. Create a high-level round table of business, civil society leaders and researchers to prepare transition strategies to implement a carbon-neutral economy by 2030.
  3. Create a Privy Council Task Force with a mandate across all government departments to transform government to address the climate crisis and biodiversity imperative.

Photo by Landon Parenteau from Unsplash

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