A Recommendation for an Emissions Cap

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A recommendation for an emissions cap?

The Commons Natural Resources Committee concluded in a report that the federal government should introduce an oil and gas emissions cap that aligns with a 1.5 degree C limit on average global warming. The all-party committee called on Ottawa to avoid the “carbon leakage” that could occur with more carbon intensive substitutes. 

There is controversy over what mix of policies will achieve more regenerative outcomes. As Minister Guilbeault explained, “Everything we do is challenged in the court. (Carbon) pricing was challenged, our plastic pollution regulations were challenged, our environmental impact assessment is being challenged—either by provinces or companies, or both. And is we’re not on very solid legal ground, we will love in front of the tribunals and that doesn’t help anyone.”

Governing in a federal system in a country that is geographically as vast and diverse as Canada poses enormous challenges, especially when solutions demand unprecedented collaboration and alignment.

Zbynek Burival. Unsplash.

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