One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

In an earlier blog, I wrote that Ontario had just released the best climate action plan in the country. A few days ago, Premier Wynne announced she was cutting over 2 million dollars from the accompanying investments in clean energy technology as it would cost Ontario taxpayers an additional $2.45 more on their annual tax bill. There are some distributive issues in Ontario, especially with rural taxpayers, that could be addressed in more innovative ways, than mortgaging your children's future. For we on the wet coast, this is less than a cup of coffee at Starbuck's. This article offers a more balanced analysis of the situation than I have read in a long time. And the recently released data from the Pembina Institute reports that Ontario is now third-best among the provinces in greenhouse-gas emissions per person, at about 12.4 tonnes a year. Hydro-powered Quebec is the best, at 10.1 tonnes, and wee Prince Edward Island is just ahead of Ontario at 12.3 tonnes. Why do we think the basic necessities of life--energy and food--should be cheap, especially in the case of the former, as we transition to more renewable energy for a more sustainable future for all?

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