Leaving COP 21

I am just leaving Paris for home, and it has been an interesting journey being here after the attacks and the tension throughout the city. The leadership of President Hollande and the French government is absolutely outstanding and many are hopeful that they can bridge the traditional divides. Our French hosts have given negotiators a deadline tomorrow to come up with a draft text that ministers will debate from Monday onwards during the second week of COP. For a summary of where we are, click here.

Interesting side event, how virtual reality can be a tool to bridge the empathy gap in communications about climate change. I am hoping that the talks result in strong slegislated target and monitoring systems to which all countries commit, in solidarity with our French colleagues.

Yesterday evening went to a concert organized by my colleague, Rebecca Foon, featuring many wonderful musicians, patti smith and her daughter, Flea and Thom Yorke, speakers Bill McGibbon, Vandana Shiva and Naomi Klein. A bit surreal as we sat in the balcony when only three weeks ago, so many were killed in such a chaotic and random way. I fear that unless we address the root causes of social inequity, we will continue to live in a more violent world. Be well and be safe, I shall be glad to be home with those I love.

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