It's a No Brainer. Climate Action Plan

Was in Montreal yesterday for the launch of our climate action strategy, led by Dr. Caterine Potvin from McGill University. Our plan, developed by 60 + 10 scientists from across the country is a call to action for all Canadian decision makers and leaders, to achieve a decarbonized economy by 2050. Our evidence shows that we can no longer afford incremental change but must move to transformational change, no longer a bending of the curve but a fundamental shift of the curve downwards. If we don't invest now and act now, it is clear that the costs of adaptation will wipe out any future human innovation and prosperity.

The good news is that because Canada's renewable energy resources are plentiful, we have an edge on reaching 100% low carbon electricity production by 2035. The first step is pricing carbon, which could be revenue neutral as in BC or all revenues generated to building more sustainable infrastructure across the country. Just imagine! Our full report can be downloaded here.