How Does Canada Measure Up?

The International Energy Agency just released a scorecard for G7 countries evaluating their efforts in ending support for fossil fuels. On transparency, Canada scores 6th; on pledges and commitments 4th; ending support for fossil fuel exploration 3rd; ending support for coal mining 1st; ending support for oil and gas production 7th; ending support for fossil fuel-based power 1st, and ending support for fossil fuel use 2nd. Clearly, our access to renewable resources is helping our scorecard, but we are a long way away from deciding which rabbit holes to climb out of. 

As many of my previous blogs have argued, Canada has a roadmap to reach a low carbon economy, a consensus action plan written by over 80 of our country’s foremost scientists. I would like to see a scorecard of leading the world in all indicators. This is more than doable but we need bold political leadership. Do we dare to dream?

How does Canada measure up when it comes to ending support for fossil fuels? Find out in the International Energy Agency's scorecard for G7 countries

Photo by Aniek Wessel on Unsplash

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