Happy Thanksgiving

Wouldn't it be wonderful to dine beside a totally self-sustaining garden, in an urban environment? One where the outer walls are covered in plant life, in a building that has no permanent footprint? Such was the vision of Dutch-born florist, artist, builder and environmentalist Joost Bakker. He recruited Chef Matt Stone, and they founded the Greenhouse in Perth, Western Australia. It is an innovative restaurant design, described in their own words as "completely waste free from the ground up". Beyond progressive ideas such as their state of the art on-site composting set up or the fact that they grind their own grain, the building itself is constructed entirely from hay bales and boasts a carbon footprint of zero. In 2011, they opened a pop-up model of the restaurant in Sydney, proving that the concept is transferable and replicable. They have gained prestige based on the quality and appeal of their food, proving that integrating the ecological and social imperatives does not affect quality not the economic bottom. For further information, about Bakker’s vision as a whole and the technologies used to implement his ideas, click here.  

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