Carpe Diem

In this recent video, Naomi Klein makes a compelling case: that recent economic and environment events, which have led us to a transitory stage in our development, should be interpreted not as obstacles, so much as they should be seen as opportunities. Just a few of the ideas she mentions include:

  • moving opportunities for economic agency and prosperity away from a multi-national model and focusing on community based models to facilitate a new energy economy;
  • establishing a living wage, and
  • re-imagining how we eat, what we eat and how we get around.

She also addresses some ideas that could explain why people are so hesitant to treat climate change as an emergency, and argues for a meaningful carbon tax now that oil prices have plummeted to fund the creation of a new, green job economy. The best way to take advantage of this major economic shift, is to allow the carbon based economy to continue to scale back, leave more oil in the ground, and be proactive and creative about the opportunities that the combination of  declining profitability in the fossil fuel industry and reality climate change present.

Apparently, the Liberal Government is considering the second point, a guaranteed annual income, one of the recommendations from our Solutions Agenda. Carpe diem.

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