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  March 2007



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Dr. Ann Dale image by Kent Waddington Welcome to the Premier Issue of Community Research Connections! 

My research team and I are very pleased to release our first online newsletter.  


We hope this environmentally-friendly way of keeping in touch with you will allow us to more easily update you on our research successes and ongoing initiatives in the area of sustainable community development.  Look for a new issue every three months.  Please feel free to provide your feedback to the editor at  


What sort of world are you leaving for the children?How do you define COMMUNITY?

Regardless of geographic location, our communities are formed by the individual day-to-day choices we all make. Whether it's joining the high school computer club or sports team, supporting an environmental group or politician, moving to a new housing project, choosing a school for our children, or joining a local church group, our individual actions help define the communities in which we live.

Many of our decisions to live more sustainably are shaped by the community resources available to us such as public transit, access to shops and restaurants, water and sewer, friends and family, health care, schools, services for seniors, and recreational opportunities. But do we define communities or do they define us?

If you are a Canadian resident and can spare a few minutes, please consider completing the online Community Liveability Survey at . Your responses could well help shape the world you leave to your children and grandchildren.

Five randomly chosen respondents will win an Apple iPod shuffle®. Your response is CONFIDENTIAL. You will only be asked to identify yourself if you wish to register to win the Apple iPod shuffle® and you will not be contacted by anyone unless you win.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail Chris Ling at and PLEASE feel free to share this Survey link with ALL your friends, family and colleagues. 



Si vous demeurez au Canada et avez un peu de temps libre, nous aimerions lire vos réponses au Sondage sur la vie en collectivité. Vous pouvez le compléter en ligne à l'adresse suivante:



Toronto image by Kent WaddingtonCanadian Municipalities have power to effect change


Canadian municipalities are in the unique position of being at the forefront for implementing sustainable development across Canada

To assist communities, particularly those of smaller and medium-size, to develop their own INTEGRATED COMMUNITY SUSTAINABILITY PLAN we have developed a plan template describing what should be in such a plan as well as an active community engagement strategy designed to ensure implementation.


Embedded in the plan template are additional research and practitioner links for reference. For more information contact Dr. Ann Dale at  


Bridging Gaps: Building Diversity, Resilience and Connectivity

This Thoughtleader Paper by Dr. Dale (February 2007) is the third in a series of brief analytical articles by some of Canada's leading thinkers on their views of the issues, needs and gaps in funding within Canada's environmental sector.  Visit the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers' Network 

(CEGN) for full details.


Breakfast on the Hill Lecture Series

Download a copy of Dr. Dale's recent lecture paper (2010: Governance for Sustainable Development - As if it Mattered) presented on Parliament Hill, February 2007.  Held four times a year, the Breakfast on the Hill Lecture Series is specifically designed to bring research directly to the attention of parliamentarians, government officials, the broader public and the media. While reaching Parliamentarians, the BOH demonstrates the importance of humanities and social science research in the development of public policy and in contributing to the quality of life in Canada. 


Recent publications:


Newman, L & Dale, A. (2007) Homophily and Agency: Creating Effective Sustainable Development Networks, Environment, Development and Sustainability. 9(1) 79-90.  

Dale, A & Newman, L. (2007) E-Dialogues: A Role in Interactive Sustainable Development. Journal of Integrated Assessment, 6(4) 131-141.

Dale, A. & Newman, L. (2006) An On-Line Synchronous e-Dialogue Series on Nuclear Waste Management in Canada. Applied Environmental Education and Communication, 5: 243-251.


Dale, A. and L. Newman. (2007) Governance for Integrated Resource Management. In K.S. Hanna and D.S. Slocombe (eds.), Integrated Resource and Environmental Management: Concepts and Practice. Oxford and Toronto: Oxford University Press.


Please visit our e-dialogues web site for complete details on how you can join us as we push the boundaries on internet communications technology.


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